Wednesday, November 11, 2009

If you didn't catch it on CNN this morning

stef: remember when we had our own language
jules: o m g
man we were smart
stef: i propose that we bring that back
jules: i lost my notebook though.
we'd have to make an iphone app or something
you know... really update and get with the times
stef: girl
that's genius
jules: i wonder how you make an app
i bet we could figure it out
stef: no doubt
or hire someone to make it
jules: psh
stef: pay them in sunflower seeds or something
jules: great idea
i'll let u find that willing person
stef: craigslist
i'll post an add
jules: but seriously, if we took the time to figure out how to build our own - like some bullshit language decoder
i bet we would be able to build other ones afterwards.
then i could retire at the ripe age of 22 and be a self made millionaire
stef: i'm 23
jules: and we could hire monkey butlers in tuxedos, hot guys to make us martinis and go on five guy runs
and most of all i could finally afford my fishtank wall
it's ok that you're 23 - i'll just sound better than you since i got to retire a year earlier.
stef: monkey butlers = amazing
jules: what are u talking about. the whole idea's fucking amazing.

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