Wednesday, October 7, 2009


jules: um i just looked at your twitter u have some hilarious shit on there... especially when u mention me :)
stef: haha you need to twitter more keep me entertained
jules: i closed my account cuz im not that clever but i think im gonna start again today
the one about the caterpillar i laughed OUT LOUD
stef: haha
jules: thats so intellegent...
"I try to spin you a positive story and you go and let the local paper take a picture of you holding two swords. Idiot."
Where the fuck do you come up with these things?!?!?!
tell me thats from a movie
stef: hahah no dude! i was working on a public relations campaign for a client trying to get a newspaper to pick up a positive spin on a story
and this asshole, goes a gets a story written about his business, the same business i'm trying to get a good story written about, holding up these two swords in his shop
it was re-goddamn-diculous
jules: thats honestly the funniest thing i've heard in a long time
i cant believe its real
stef: fucking idiots
"in this area you don't have to be blind to see we're hurting economically."
also this quote doesn't make any fucking sense
from the same industry i'm working on
probably meant, you'd have to be blind NOT to see
you don't have to be blind to see?
wtf is that
im fucking dying over here... i had chocolate donuts for breakfast which might have somethign to do with it
and i also woke up to "sexy bitch" this morning
stef: hahahaha
fuck yeah!
jules: its been a rave in my mind since 6:20 this morning
stef: glowsticks?
jules: duh.

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