Wednesday, October 7, 2009

stef: interns are the shit
when i get assigned work
i assign it to him
and he does it and brings it back
and then i give it to my boss
i get paid, he doesn't
works perfectly
jules: hahaha. i love it! you dont need to do ANYTHING
stef: nope
jules: hey i have a starbucks survey to get a free drink, can you have ur intern do it for me? i just want the coffee
stef: sure send it on over
jules: hahahah i should fax it to you we suck at this work thing
and by suck, i mean own.
we are above the system
stef: i was so nervous about the real world
i was all like, man it's gonna be so much work and i'm going to be overwhelmed because in college i didn't do shit
will this is better
no homework
free drinks
stef: and paychecks!
me: and i get paid for going on facebook instead of paying thousands of dollars for tuition
jules: and dont forget the hot men in suits, any guy is bangable in a suit
stef: absolutely

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