Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm not sure what Microsoft Office's problem is. They can invent a mail merge - great. That saves me about 2 minutes while preparing 15 proposals. Now all they need to do it make a reference program that will look up project prices and all that other stuff I have to do. I spend way too much time doing work that an intern should. I asked my boss if I can get one and he said ok, it'd just come out of my salary. Doesn't he know that people are willing to "work" for free?! Just give them like a college credit hour or something. Fuck. It takes me all damn day to do research, print emails, and fax shit. Just give me someone to do all that stuff. My skills include selling and talking people into buying stuff. I could sell a shit ton more of advertising if I wasn't doing all of that busy work.

On another note... anyone looking for an internship? You can earn college credit!

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